Assignment three

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Assignment three is using Blender to make 3D image “Munny”.  I add in 3D items onto the Munny to make the dress and hair.  Then I colour the skin and hair.  Below is the finished Princess Munny.


Image of the box is simple adding a picture of garden.


Princess Munny together with the box.


Source picture of the garden.


I am Chao Kuok I, Annie with student number B-A60119-8.


Assignment two

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This one is the original picture.


Then I use Photoshop to edit it by adding some Lotus on the wall, covering the ground with picture of water, and lasting make reflection of the Lotus on the water.

Here is the finished work.


CG from Shaiya, a Korean online game

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These are CGS in 3D made by Mr Hyung Jun Kim, one of the toppest CG maker in Korea.  They are such amazing, nearly like photoes taking from real person.  You can see every detail clearly, like hair, fingers, folds of the clothes etc.  That is awesome!!

The reason that I choose digital graphic design & production course is that I am greatly admire those CG makers, no matter 2D or 3D.  I am now trying to use computer software to do some drawing or colouring.  But they really like kindergarten drawings…  HAHA~  I will continue to try!!

Website: (Half Korean, half English)

Blog: (Most Korean, some English)

New member

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This is the newest family member of my house, named Bougainvillea.  It is a thorny, woody, vine plant that can thickly cover the whole place.  Love sunlight, suitable for warm or hot climate and is very easy to plant.  People always misunderstand that those bright, colourful bracts are their flowers.  Actually, the three small white buds in between the three or six colourful leaf like bracts are their real flowers.  Something funny is that it need to be ill-treated, it will only bloom when that is no water and fertilizer.  Is that means….. it is m? ^^